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Hank Aaron Sports Lands 2021 #1 Ranked Amateur PGA Player – Ethan Mangum



PRESS RELEASE 06.08.2022 (For immediate release)

Hank Aaron Sports Lands 2021 #1 Ranked Amateur PGA Player – Ethan Mangum

Ethan Mangum of the College of William & Mary golf program was named the inaugural Pathway Player into the tournament’s Collegiate Showcase as part of the Genesis Invitational in Feb. 2022, competing against some of the top amateur golfers in the world at the prestigious Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, California.

The Pathway Player invitation was made by the TGR Foundation (Tiger Woods) and is intended to provide exposure and opportunity to high-level competition in support of the recipient’s professional golf aspirations. In conjunction with this initiative, the tournament supports select causes focused on providing minority golfers with access and opportunity to the game.

“We are beyond excited to have Ethan bring his talents, drive, and passion to the Hank Aaron Sports Academy as this perfectly aligns with the vision that Hank had for the utilization of sports to further education and opportunities for minorities.”

– Tim Bennett, CEO Hank Aaron Sports Academy

“I’m honored to have been the inaugural Genesis Pathway Player and in my time competing in the Collegiate Showcase I was able to empower the journeys of many aspiring youth in my community much like Tiger Woods has for me and so many others. Continuing initiatives for the advancement of equality in the great game of golf is still my chief aspiration as an athlete. Love for sport and fellow competitors will continue to outweigh the prejudices and bigotry.”

– Ethan Mangum

As an intern, Mangum will also be working with Eddie Payton the former 26-year head golf coach at Jackson State, where he coached both the men's and women's teams. Payton led the JSU Golf program to 37 SWAC championships. His men’s team won 23 conference titles, and 8 National Minority championships, and was the first HBCU to make the NCAA Men’s National Golf Championships in 1995. He helped start the women’s golf program in 1994. From there, he led the women’s team to 14 SWAC titles and also the first HBCU NCAA appearance for women in 1999.

“This is another example of Jackson and the Hank Aaron Sports Academy taking a step forward to provide the kids of our community the chance to get involved in positive activities that will help them become true leaders.”

– Eddie Payton

The team of Ozzie Smith (MLB Hall of Fame), Eddie Payton, Ethan Mangum, and other local leaders will work throughout the summer to create policy and procedures in order to create or attract a program that opens up opportunities for local and regional minority youth to be introduced to and participate in the game of golf.

For more information on the Hank Aaron Sports Academy visit or

Carrying the legacy of the most prolific baseball player in our generation to all deserving youth.

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