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Tyrone Brooks to speak at Fantastic 44 Inauguration Saturday – June 11th



PRESS RELEASE 06.10.2022 (For immediate release)

Major League Baseball’s Sr. Dir. of Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Tyrone Brooks to speak at Fantastic 44 Inauguration Saturday – June 11th

Tyrone Brooks, Senior Director, Major League Baseball's Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Program will be addressing these young men at the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame at 10:00 a.m. Saturday.

Having spent more than 20 years in Major League Baseball, Tyrone has worked as a Scout, Director of Baseball Operations, Director of Baseball Administration, Director of Player Personnel, and is now the Senior Director of Major League Baseball’s Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Program.

The Diversity Pipeline Program is a new program put on by Major League Baseball that aims to identify and grow the pool of minority and female candidates for front office and on field positions.

“Our mission is to connect teams to minority and female candidates that are qualified to work in both front office and on-field positions. Every day we are talking with clubs, and working on raising awareness of what we are doing. We also work with clubs to put plans together for teams to use our resources in their hiring process. “Part of our efforts are working with clubs to create a plan to develop their high potential women and minority candidates already in the pipeline and guide them to move into leadership positions.”

Tyrone Brooks

The Hank Aaron Sports Academy initiated the Fantastic 44 this in 2022 in memory of the great Hank Aaron with a goal of reaching the minority community of Jr. High and High School baseball players in an attempt to get these young men more exposure as numbers at the NCAA, MiLB and MLB levels have continued to decrease over the past several decades.

“While we bring these young men together here at the Hank Aaron Sports Academy for their athleticism, we don’t want to let them forget what is most important and that is furthering their education in preparation for the business world and the many opportunities that are available in Minor and Major League Baseball – for that we are very grateful to have the best of the best to come in from the MLB offices to open doors for Mississippi’s future leaders.”

– Tim Bennett

For more information on the Hank Aaron Sports Academy visit or

Carrying the legacy of the most prolific baseball player in our generation to all deserving youth.

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